Foundations of Business Strategy
Chet Richards stimulated a great deal of discussion about the strategic and tactical uses of information, as well as insight into our present situation.

Charles N. Brownstein, Director, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, The National Academies


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"Chet Richards has built a masterpiece of strategy and execution..." Michael Pittman, CEO, Lead The Way, Inc.

"... an excellent primer for those new to Boyd and a catalyst to those with business experience ..."  from "A Winning Combination," a review of Certain to Win in the March 2005 Marine Corps Gazette.

Download a 5-minute video clip of Chet Richards discussing Boyd's strategy.  Recorded live at the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy in Bergen (22.5 MB Quicktime Movie .mov file)



Chet Richards' latest book (January 2008)
on national security policy post-Iraq

In addition to Dr. Richards's own briefings and consultation on employing these strategies, we also offer his presentation of Boyd's original briefings: Patterns of Conflict, Strategic Game of ? and ?, and Organic Design for Command and  Control. For information, please contact Jeannine Addams at 404-231-1132 or by e-mail at

Dr. Richards has his own blog and web site at, where you can find his commentaries on topical issues and information on his books and briefings.

J. Addams & Partners is the only public relations firm in the world that can offer business strategy development based on the principles of the late Air Force Colonel John R. Boyd.  And here’s a pretty strong claim:  Clients who put these principles to work, as Boyd outlined them, are guaranteed to win in their competitive environments.

John Boyd was the greatest fighter strategist in American history and ranks among the most influential military strategists of the 20th Century. During his career as an instructor at the legendary USAF Fighter Weapons School, he had a standing bet that he would defeat any pilot who challenged him in less than 40 seconds.

He never lost. But what made Boyd a man for the ages was what happened after he left the cockpit.

  • With his revolutionary "Energy-Maneuverability Theory," he transformed the way military aircraft—in particular the F-15 and F-16—were designed, challenging the Air Force's established ideas every step of the way.
  • He made a career of confronting the intractable Pentagon bureaucracy, making many enemies and a few devoted disciples.
  • He then dedicated lonely years to refining a radical theory of conflict that, at the time, was mostly ignored, but now is acclaimed as the most influential thinking about conflict since Sun Tzu.

Robert Coram’s ( monumental biography, Boyd, the Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War, [Amazon, B&N] documented Boyd’s influence on military matters ranging from his early work on fighter tactics to the US Marine Corps’ maneuver warfare doctrine, to the planning for Operation Desert Storm. That biography, along with Chet Richards' illustrative Certain to Win: the Strategy of John Boyd Applied to Business, [Amazon, B&N] have rekindled interest in John Boyd, and more important, in his influence on business strategy.

Of war, Boyd said, “Machines don't fight wars. People do, and they use their minds.”  The same can be said of business.  While business is not war, it is a form of conflict, a situation where one group can win only if another group loses.  Beneath Boyd’s war-centered tactics is a general strategy for ensuring that in most any type of conflict, the group using his strategy will be the one that wins.

Boyd’s philosophy is built around two primary themes:

  • A focus on time (not speed) and specifically, using dislocations in time to shape the competitive situation. These effects are quite different in business than they are in war.
  •  A culture with attributes that enable—even impel—organizations to exploit time for competitive advantage. Within Boyd´s culture, members will seek out or invent specific technologies and organizational practices that will work for it.

Through Dr. Chet Richards, who was a colleague of Boyd, J. Addams & Partners offers clients the powerful, highly advanced business strategy development crafted by Boyd and espoused by Richards in Certain to Win.


Download a J. Addams & Partners strategy briefing. Revised and updated March 2008 (2 MB MS PowerPoint presentation. Download and play as slide show.  Also, most slides have notes.)



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